Where do you buy your games?


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I feel like as PC players we're spoilt for choice where console peasants are limited to buying from where they're told to. ;>

I'm a sucker for a good deal so I used to use G2A a lot but nowadays I will avoid it and will buy from HumbleBundle or Steam directly - used to subscribe to Origin Access too which was great.



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I normally check on Steam for games I want to play or I am interested in, if I find a game I usually buy it on G2A, If I am not so certain if I am going to like the game, I buy it on Steam so If I don't like it I can just refund the game.


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I get my shit for cheap on the low low at GameStop, don't tell GameStop I cheat their system.
Online gaming on console is basically aids, so I play the campaign within 3-4 days, then sell it to my mates at school for cheap.
ez cheap games. (ofc i wipe my progress before selling it)


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G2A would of been my answer about a year ago, however it recently has become pretty shabby and not as competitve.

Steam's market does me now or I just use other online boards to go purchase and trade games - much easier and human.


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G2A and steam mainly although recently there seem to be more and more games that are making there own launchers independent from steam


I honestly go on Allkeyshop and just seek for the best offer for the game I want. I got games like PUBG and CODWW2 with -10$ than on other big websites like Kinguin and G2a. Give it a try ;)