What's your favorite VR headset?


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The title says all.

I have photosensitive epilepsy so I can't use them but I've heard that the HTC Vive is a great VR headset and is $799.
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I'm waiting for them to come down in price. Still not sure on the whole concept of VR yet as a useful premise. I see it only useful for gaming and maybe surgical training.

However, I believe augmented reality (AR) will be much more useful in the real world compared to virtual reality.


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I bought a Rift and a Hive so I've kinda tested both of the best.

The technology is amazing, its unbelievable how good some of the graphics look and it really is immersive, its like going to a new world and for some that might be worth the price... However, The lack of games really hurt both of the headsets, Almost all the good games are just arcade style and quickly become boring, That might be my personal opinion since I'm a huge fan of RPG and story line games but I couldn't find any game I truly enjoyed and could play for hours on end. I also found the headsets to be quite uncomfortable after a while and I felt sick and got headaches. The biggest con by far with them was the wires and trying to get everything working right, its a big pain if you moved a sensor or if you moved too far from it.

I would totally buy another headset, but not right now. I would wait till the technology grows more and becomes more mainstream, If you really want to immersive yourself in VR without paying a huge amount Google and Samsung make some cool smartphone VR headsets, its not the same level of immersion, but you don't have to worry about wires or your PC being able to power it.


I've I've both purchased the Rift and tried the Vive.
The Oculus Rift seemed to be a more comfortable experience. The controllers fit your hand a lot better for what you do in-game.
However, the HTC Vive is sponsored (Or is sponsoring?) by Steam. This means that most of the games on Steam are optimized for the Vive. This doesn't mean that the games don't work, and most of them are on the Oculus store anyways.
Up to you really.