Thoughts on the IMac Pro.


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Wanna see what people think about it, Personally I love it and if I wasn't so attached to Windows and didn't already build a gaming PC I would purchase one.

Technically the price is $5000 for base but you can usually find it for $4000-$4500. I wanna hear if you guys think its overpriced or not and if you would ever purchase it. If you compare it to a 32GB Imac I7 with 1TB SSD the price difference isn't so big.
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I love the keyboard and trackpad in space grey.

I wouldn't personally buy it, the only reason is that it'll suffer from the same thermal problems that every other Mac product does so all the power feels wasted when it's in use.

For the 5k, I'd rather have a top spec MacBook Pro (which I do) and spend the rest on an eGPU Enclosure, GPU, screen(s), keyboard + trackpad.