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I've been working on my personal website and would appreciate any feedback.

It's a bit different to a lot of personal websites, as I've decided to use XenForo as the base with an addon for a blog, q&a's, homepage, etc as it's something I'm super familiar with and most people visiting my website will be familiar with forums - so it makes sense.

Things that really aren't finished:
Blog in general
Footer contents
Projects pages
Media section​

I've also used the opportunity to start learning some php, I'm pretty proud of these and want to continue learning php and do more.
The homepage button changes to a bunch of different things to try and spread out what people are seeing - it's simple but I think it's effective.
I'm grabbing my last song from and displaying it on my homepage, this is the most I've done in PHP and I've released it on Github so I can get feedback and you can use it too if you want.



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Looks good, although I don't like some of the following things:
For the landing page:
- On the home screen the "Follow me on LinkedIn" button is quite hard to see.
- There is a lot of orange on the homepage, it is not that bad but I personally think it is too much.
- For the social media on the top right when you hover over it it gets orange which is quite hard to see, just a small thing..

For the forums:
- VERRINGER is quite hard to see with the orange V.
- At the bottom of the Forums page the "XenForo style by pixel exit", "Help". "Terms and Rules" are pretty hard to read unless you really look for them.

Overall it looks good and well made, I enjoy the simplicity and the modern style of the website.