Google Duplex: An Advancement in AI


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Yesterday was the Google I/O opening keynote, Google's annual developer conference. They announced a bunch of cool new software and the next version of Android. However, one of the coolest things they announced was Google Duplex.

Just watch MKBHD's latest video on the topic, it sums it up pretty well!

What does everyone think about this feature and the future of AI in general? Do you think Google is heading in the right direction? Will Apple follow suit at their annual developer conference next month?


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If only they could make Google Assistant this good.

I saw a video (may have been this one) where there was an example where Google could ring up and check closing times and adjust Google's results, that seems really useful and I'd like to see things like that happen.

I hope that this use of Duplex doesn't happen though, we're already seeing people becoming more lazy and rude with assistants - this would only worsen that.

Regardless, we're years away from this and this is just the few results that went well - but could you imagine showing this to your grandparents?


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I think this is a good development in artificial intelligence.
The project itself, in my opinion, is quite optimistic however I do think that what they are trying to make is a literal assistant and they are not far off. Give it a couple of years and these robots will be doing your taxes & finances. It is slightly concerning, however, I am able to mentally and physically comprehend that this is the next movement in technology.