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Fonty2 - A Fancy ASCII Text Designer (without Figlet!)

Often, people come across websites and tools which allow them to convert whatever text they want to a fancy ‘ASCII’ type font. Most of them use something called Figlet (or a variation thereof), which is a program for making large letters out of ordinary text. Alas, Figlet is largely out of date. While people seek to find a program which allows them to create fancy ‘ASCII’ text, they’re often limited by the fonts that are available – publicly, of which, there are very few. Solution? Let everyone use their own fonts for this! Fonty2 (named as such to transcend my original, ugly, unreleased program), is a small .NET-based (written in C#) application designed to use fonts as ways to ‘draw’ ASCII text. Fonty2 can create whatever you like. You are only limited by the amount of installed fonts on your computer (however, for those who are unable to install fonts, direct TTF file support will be available soon). Effects are based on what characters you choose to use.

✦ Features ✦
  • Export your ASCII to PNG files in the colours and font of the Output Window.
  • Export your ASCII to TXT files.
  • Write to Console
    • Choose text foreground colour, text background colour, back foreground colour, back background colour).
  • Write to Output Window (main)
    • Choose text foreground colour, back foreground colour
    • Choose text size.
    • Limitless window width & height.
  • Choose whatever font you want, and font size.
  • Change ASCII font character + back character.
  • Supports any installed fonts on your computer.
  • Readable and easy-to-use design.
  • Supports TTF Files loaded in /Fonts/ directory of executing program!
Screenshots and download can be found here:


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Wow these programs are so cool, but I can't run any of them because I have a Mac :(