Favourite Linux Distro?


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What's your favourite distro?

I'd usually run a poll on something like this but there's too many to cover and I want to know why!

I used to be a CentOS die-hard, but switched to Debian after some advice and now am essentially the same but for Debian - I love how it's similar to CentOS but also has many of the features of Ubuntu while feeling super lightweight.


I was taught to look at the OS's like this:

CentOS is only at version 7, while Debian being at 9, and Ubuntu releasing a new version once a year.

CentOS for Static services (web servers)
Debian for Application services (game servers, things you won't use for a long time but more than most)
Ubuntu for Staging / Development Services (Coding / Preview / Before going production)

But to answer the question the thread is asking: Debian 8 > Ubuntu 16.04 (as of post date)
I don't use linux, but if I would I'd use mint. I love the design of mint. It looks like windows but it isn't. Besides mint, I also like kali linux as well.