Eurovision 2018


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SuRie represented the United Kingdom this year at the Eurovision Contest 2018.

Here is the main so to speak song, tune, anthem or theme she sung this year.

What is your thoughts on this song and her as an artist? Do you think there is better UK artists that could of represented the UK this year in the contest? I personally think there is.

Also, what's your opinions on the rest of the artists in this years Eurovision?
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Frankly, I don't know where they get these people from - SuRie was in my opinion awful and the song was dreadful and generic.

The winner didn't deserve it either, she sounds like she's having a stroke while trying to piggyback off of that fox song meme.

Perhaps I'm biased but Netherlands performance was the best I saw:

I liked Hungary, but I didn't really like his vocals - screaming was alright and the instrumental was good, reminded me of Volbeat: