Switch EShop Spring Sales Have Begun Around The World!


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Of course, it is a nintendo sale. Don't be expecting steam sale type deals, but it is still nice to see some discounts come to the switch.

Super lola: 4.19$

Millie: 3.34$

Aeguis defender: 15.99$

Crypt of the necrodancer. 14.99$

steamworld dig: 4.99

Super one more jump: 5.60$

Chroma gun: 13.99$

Brawl: 7.99$

Steamworld heits: 14.99$

bloody zombies: 10.49$

Blossom tales: 12.74$

The coma: 14.99

Brawlout: 14.99$

Bleed: 8.99$

Poly Bridge: 10.49$

Dimension Drive: 9.74$

Human falt fall: 7.49$

Slain back from hell: 16.99$

portal knights: 26.99$

La Noire: 37.49$

Rocket league: 14.99$

Perception: 9.99$

Dont Knock twice: 7.49$

Steamworld dig 2: 14.99$

implosion: 8.99$

Oceanhorn: 11.24$

Thumper: 11.99

Kamiko: 2.99$


There are also sales in other countries, look em' up if ya want. Europe has some much better deals than US, but I know the switch isn't region locked. You can simply create a new profile from a country of choice in order to get deals anywhere, but I'm not exactly sure about the side affects of this. I believe it is seamless though. I plan to pick up rocket league, as it is getting an update to 1080p in a week or so. I'm also eyeing ARMS.

What about you guys?