Dots - A particle simulator with customisable physics


Queen Panda Meme
For information on how to write your own PhysicsSets, see PhysicsSets for Dots.pdf

Dots is a program designed to be used for fun. Imagine a program where you can create particles at different speeds and watch them repel one another or attract one another… well that’s what Dots is.

Dots runs with its own Default “PhysicsSet” – which determines what particles should do what, for every time the program ‘ticks’. PhysicsSets can control what a particle does; where it moves to, what colour it changes to. In addition to this, the “Default” PhysicsSet compares a particular dot to a random dot in all of the Dots… and repels from it, making for some interesting physics.

Dots has been created in mind for developers to expand its possibilities, from repelling other dots to attracting to other dots and even just floating around like atoms!

Screenshots and download can be found on my website:

Enjoy the addictive little program I made last year ;)
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This is actually pretty neat. I've been wanting to learn C or one of its variants and I might start with trying to make my own version of this.