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About Gamers Core Album Club

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Gamers Core Founder
I will be running a new event called Gamers Core Album Club.

Similar to a Book Club, I will post a new thread every few weeks with an album for you to listen to and respond back to the thread with what you think.

We'll be discussing lots of albums and taking your suggestions, it wont always be a new album too!

If you're stuck on what to write, or want to make it easier for yourself - you can copy and fill out this form in the thread:
I rate the album: /10
My favourite tracks are:
I didn't like these tracks:
My thoughts on the album:
Next album club should discuss:
Also - make sure you discuss the album with each-other - don't just leave your opinion!

I hope that we might be able to make this a weekly event if there's enough interest :tup:
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