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  1. Verringer

    Site Update Current Status of Gamers Core

    Since we founded Virtual Market, shortly after Gamers Core was launched - we have been unable to give this site the attention that it needs. As such, we're stepping back and formally putting Gamers Core on hold while we look for somebody who can take this project on as their own and help it see...
  2. Verringer

    peggy where u been at

    This fuckin bangs. I've heard of jpegmafia but dont think I've listened to them - death grips af!
  3. Verringer

    Discord Yorkshire Discord Server (+ Nearby Regions)

    Recently made a discord server for Yorkshire folk. Made it because I got bored of playing with people miles away, it'd be nice to play some games with people that I can also have a beer with. Have a fair few people in at the moment, but naturally - we want to build the largest Yorkshire...
  4. Verringer

    How's quarantine?

    Wondered how everyones quarantine is going. I'm in the UK and it hasn't affected me too much other than not being able to start driving. The shops are empty but stock seems to be starting come back around, maximum of 10-20 people allowed in the store at one time + massive queue out the door...
  5. Verringer

    GCAC #1: Jack White - Boarding House Reach

    No way. Did you know about them before? haha Jack White's on my bucket list of people I have to see, he's beyond legendary. That's rad, I haven't caught anything yet
  6. Verringer

    We back baby.

    We back baby.
  7. Verringer

    Looking for a few people to play CSGO with

    Just got back in to CSGO, looking for a few people to grind with and win some rounds. Ranks silver 3 at the moment - ideally people EU based as I'm usually playing late evening UK time.
  8. Verringer

    Site Update GamersCore Updated to xF2

    Hi all, The site has been updated to XenForo 2, lots of things missing but we'll be working on bringing them back in the next few weeks as well as lots of new features! If you happen to find any errors, bugs, etc - please do let me know via private message ❤ I'd like to answer the main...
  9. Verringer

    hey boo

    hey boo
  10. Verringer

    Beta invites to my forum

    Hey, Starting up a new community - if you'd like the URL so you can get a low UID then shoot me a message here or on discord :tup:
  11. Verringer

    Movie Suggestions?

    We have a great hi-fi setup and we're all movie buffs, so it might be generic but we love it :D Already seen Shrek a million times, that being said - gonna get it anyway because that's a classic.
  12. Verringer

    Movie Suggestions?

    Movie night tonight with the fam, any suggestions? Generally open to anything, not a fan of anything too silly though.
  13. Verringer

    Gay Tony is Back! (GTA: After Hours)

    This is huge, I might even have to log back in to GTA V for this update just to see Gay Tony. TBoGT was the game that really got made me stick with GTA IV's multiplayer - GTA IV was a bit dark and TLaD had an awful effect on the screen. Super excited
  14. Verringer

    Random artwork, will update once more made

    I really love your style, and I'm really critical of art. Nice one :tup:
  15. Verringer

    When are you free? You better take me somewhere good though and take me to McDonalds afterwards...

    When are you free? You better take me somewhere good though and take me to McDonalds afterwards for a shake.
  16. Verringer

    Literally the 2nd best compliment I've ever received.

    Literally the 2nd best compliment I've ever received.
  17. Verringer

    What's your favorite periphiral brand?

    At one time, I'd have definitely said Corsair - but I use a mixture nowadays. I love the Razer Naga, but it definitely has it's flaws as do most Razer products in my experience.
  18. Verringer

    GGRadio's 3rd Anniversary Updates

    We just launched our 3rd anniversary update for GGRadio, after 2+ months of hard work. Some of you might remember GGRadio, if so - do share! :D We updated: Homepage Forum Style Player Logo API And like, lots more. Would love to hear your feedback on the new stuff and any bugs (if you can...
  19. Verringer

    Glow: Season 2

    Have been looking forward to it since Season 1 and it's imo as good, if not better. Anyone else watching it, what's your thoughts?
  20. Verringer

    Steam Beta Discussion

    Yeah, it was a joke - it works fine it's just an awful app in general.