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  1. Croc

    The Acronym Game

    Let's play the Acronym game. In this game, you have to come up with a phrase for the acronym that the person above you posts. It can be silly, stupid, weird, or just plain sensical. Be creative! I'll start... CROC
  2. Croc

    The Googlewhack Game

    A Googlewhack is a Google search that yields only 1 result. Sound easy? Not quite because there is one rule. You can only use 1 pair of words and both words must be found in the dictionary. I'll make the GamerCore version a little easier. Let's see who can get the least amount of results with...
  3. Croc

    Make A Haiku

    Let's play a game! Make an original haiku about anything, but keep it PG-13. Be creative or funny. If you don't know how to count syllables, use this tool. Here's my haiku about crocodiles! Lurking beneath water, Swimming in the swamp all day, Yay for crocodiles!