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  1. Croc

    Event Friday The 13th Movie Night

    Thank you for the great feedback on the time. As this is our first official movie night/community event, we needed to choose a time and didn't have much previous data to base our decision.
  2. Croc

    Event Friday The 13th Movie Night

    Friday the 13th Movie Night [Event] We will be hosting our first ever community event today, Friday the 13th, starting at 18:30 EST / 23:30 BST. Our Discord will have a open voice channel for all to chat in while the movie runs. If you don't want to join the Discord then you can join the...
  3. Croc

    April Fools Database Corrupted

    :emoji_tired_face: RIP GamersCore!
  4. Croc

    Site Update Welcome to Gamers Core