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  1. Croc

    Introduction hewllo

    Welcome to our community Ryan! Let us know if there is anything we can do for you to make your experience better.
  2. Croc

    Introduction Ello!

    Welcome j0sh! I hope you enjoy it here, we'll try very hard to keep you entertained! ;)
  3. Croc

    Introduction Hello :D

    Hi there, I hope you enjoy it here!
  4. Croc

    Introduction heyo

    Hey, I know you ;) Welcome to GamersCore! P.S. Asa posted the 500th thread
  5. Croc

    Introduction Hia I'm BOOP

    Welcome BOOP, nice to have you here!
  6. Croc

    Introduction Kenny's Introduction Letter

    Welcome! This is the prime example of a good introduction thread. Good job :)
  7. Croc

    Introduction Hai I'm Ally

    Welcome Ally ( right?), nice to have you here!
  8. Croc

    Introduction Louwtjie

    Hey mate, welcome! I appreciate the kind words on the block game forum btw :)
  9. Croc

    Introduction Hello, I guess

    Welcome to Gamers Core! Please do enjoy yourself. @Doge, I beat you to welcoming your own gf :P
  10. Croc

    Introduction Hello

    Nice to meet you @TheJayZ, glad to have you here! What games do you like to play?
  11. Croc

    Introduction Bot forced me to make this thread: This is MiniDigger

    Welcome to Gamers Core, we appreciate you taking the time to post an introduction haha. We love getting to know the community!
  12. Croc

    Introduction The one and only blox who builds

    Welcome guy who got me suspended from MCM (jk, it was my own fault) Please do enjoy yourself!
  13. Croc

    Introduction The name is Mark.

    Welcome to Gamers Core, we are glad you are here! I'm also a web developer. I do front-end and back. ;)
  14. Croc

    Introduction PrestigeGrin is on Gamers Core!

    Welcome to the forum OP, we are glad to have you! Ah, I too like photography, but only as a hobby. You can check out some of my work on IG if you would like ;)
  15. Croc

    Introduction Hi there

    Ah yeah, I did use Tumblr for the api, but recently moved over to Medium because it supports full markdown and I want to start making some web development tutorials so I need the ability to do inline code snippets.
  16. Croc

    Introduction Hi there

    I’m Alex, but you can call me Croc. I do web development, UI/UX design, and write about tech and code on Medium.