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  1. Croc

    Who Wants To Be A Millionaire

    Well Regis Philbin was the original host of this show, which originated in the US.
  2. Croc

    Who Wants To Be A Millionaire

  3. Croc

    Who Wants To Be A Millionaire

  4. Croc

    Incredibles 2

    New trailer just released!
  5. Croc

    Anime Series

    I've never watched a traditional anime series in my life aside from Pokemon, but a lot of anime enthusiasts don't count that. I want to experience one, but I don't know where to start. I need to watch one that will hold my interest and that isn't crap so it doesn't give me the wrong impression...
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    Seriously DON'T WATCH THIS!

    I seriously don't even know what I just watched...
  7. Croc

    Incredibles 2

  8. Croc

    Wreck It Ralph 2!

    Hopefully it's better than the Emoji movie. I have faith in Disney! I can't stop laughing at the clip at 1:45 :D
  9. Croc

    Spoilers The Office Discussion

    This is the only scene I remember and I love it!
  10. Croc

    Favorite TV Shows

    If you didn't grow up with the original 90s sitcom, then that's understandable. I only enjoy it for sentimental reasons.
  11. Croc

    Favorite TV Shows

    Here's my list in order of the ones I like most at the top: Silicon Valley (watched) The Big Bang Theory (pretty much caught up) Stranger Things (watched) Breaking Bad (in progress) Fuller House (just season 1) The Walking Dead (up to season 7)
  12. Croc

    The Walking Dead

    Who here enjoys it? Do you like it more for the zombies or the rivalry between the different gangs in the later seasons? Personally, I didn't start watching this show until late 2017 when I watched all of seasons 1-7 in like the 2 months before Season 8 came out. I fell in love with the story...
  13. Croc

    Spoilers Favourite Black Mirror Episode? (S1-S4)

    I haven't seen Black Mirror. I'm guessing you recommend it highly? Give me a quick 1-2 sentence summary of it.