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    What are your thoughts on Siege recently?

    I started playing on Rainbow Six Siege during Skull Rain after discovering Rainbow Six Siege from friends who had just started playing on their PS4. So I had some history with the bugs and the decisions the developer studio (Ubisoft) has made for the game, and because I grew up with Tom Clancy...
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    Channel Fissshie I haven't uploaded for quite a while but due to the holidays coming soon (actually, they start right after today) I will be starting my uploads more. Hopefully, you like at least some of my content. I mostly play Siege and am trying to...
  4. Fish

    I won a computer - October last year.

    So I managed to win a computer in October last year and wanted to use the opportunity to brag about it since I'm one lucky bastard. I managed to reinstall my SSDs in there and use the 128gb as a boot drive and I have a 500GB SSD for my games, as well as an extra 3TB for videos and other games...
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    Favourite Operators

    Hi. Rainbow Six is one of my most favourite games ever. And I was wondering what your favourite Operators were in the game, as in maybe your mains or how you like their loadout or abilities (does not have to be your main). My personal favourites are Jackal and Valkyrie, although I'm trying to...
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    Introduction Hi. I'm Fish.

    Hello. My name is Liam. I go by Fish and I just joined this community around the time this thread had been posted. I do quite a bit of video gaming as you all do here and I also video edit in my spare time. Posting my projects on YouTube, having fun with friends making content, and so on...