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  1. Croc

    Switch Thoughts on Nintendo Labo?

    I saw an opinion on Twitter about the cost breakdown and it actually makes sense. $60 for the digital game $20/each for the cardboard set I think you only have to buy the game portion once.
  2. Croc

    Switch Thoughts on Nintendo Labo?

    I think it is funny how they these adults are getting angry over it. Clearly, it isn't made, nor intended for adults. It was made for CHILDREN because it is a TOY!
  3. Croc

    Switch Why are Digital Downloads so expensive?

    The costs are different, not eliminated. An online retailer has to buy and maintain expensive servers capable of handling multiple download requests quickly and reliably. Even for a packaged product, the physical disc and case with shipping is a very small amount of the price of an individual...
  4. Croc

    Switch Nintendo Direct 3/8/18 Discussion Thread (Spoilers Inside)

    Seriously, Nintendo still doesn't get it. They try to get everyone hyped up with all these old third-party games like South Park. Wasn't that released a couple years ago on other platforms? If they want to see huge sales numbers in 2018, they need to beg Epic Games to port Fortnite and Blizzard...
  5. Croc

    Switch How to access YouTube on Nintendo Switch

    Wow this is cool, I'm surprised Nintendo didn't find a way to patch this. Technically you could go to any website just by posting on facebook the link.
  6. Croc

    Switch Do you like the Nintendo Switch?

    OP is clearly in the minority. The Switch saw impressive sales numbers in its first year alone. It brought Nintendo off the verge of bankruptcy and actually made it profitable again. It hasn't seen sales like this since the original Wii.
  7. Croc

    Switch Nintendo Pro Controller - $49.99 (30% off) at Amazon and Walmart!

    Just ordered one, thanks for letting us know! :)
  8. Croc

    Switch The Great Switch Friend Codes Thread

    Added ya!
  9. Croc

    Switch The Great Switch Friend Codes Thread

    Here's my friend code, SW-1372-0063-6250 Feel free to reply with your friend code if you have a Switch and add each other! :D