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    Not in my house! A-Z

  2. Aerzzy

    Meme Shuffler

    I was bored and had nothing to do tonight so I decided to make a little meme shuffler. I know for sure that it isn't the best and I could probably have done it better but this is the best way that I could think of doing it. Feel free to leave your feedback if you want. Have fun! Edit: Fixed a...
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    The Profile Picture Game

    Basically, you just have to try and draw the profile picture of the person above. Not that difficult if you know what you are doing. Doesn't really matter if it is on a computer or on paper. Just don't cheat by tracing their icon. Have fun!
  4. Aerzzy

    Not in my house! A-Z

  5. Aerzzy

    Heck no.

    Heck no.
  6. Aerzzy

    Is this game still played?

    Nice! I've just gotten past 700 hours recently.
  7. Aerzzy

    Here's my site I guess

    Yeah, I can understand where you are coming from. Will look at fixing that.
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    Here's my site I guess

  9. Aerzzy

    Nice one!

    Nice one!
  10. Aerzzy

    Introduction Hey!, It's me!, Cody!

    hello yes am friendo haha me too thanks Anyways, welcome Cody!
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    Here's my site I guess This is my little website. I just put things on here that I find neat although and talk about myself a bit. Feel free to have a look. (stuffed up the title because I'm good)
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    Introduction Hi, I'm Aerzzy!

    Hello! I'm Aerzzy. I like video games, web design, graphic design and programming. Although I am not the best at most of these I still enjoy them and continue to learn new things when I can. Some games I like are Team Fortress 2, Skyrim, ASTRONEER and Portal. My Steam is here if you are...
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    Make A Haiku

    I'm not sure what I, want to write for you to read, well this works I guess.
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    Paste Your Clipboard

    Would you rather live in a tent in the cold Siberian mountains or in a tent in the middle of Saharan desert for the rest of your life? (yes the post I had in would you rather)
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    Would you rather?

    edit: Was replying to the wrong reply oops. (Still new to this)
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    The Counting Game

  17. Aerzzy

    Best humour on the planet

    The more you know, I guess.
  18. Aerzzy

    Is this game still played?

    Well, it's not really dying as quickly as people say it is. Either way that's unfortunate.
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    Best humour on the planet

    You've lost me there...
  20. Aerzzy

    Best humour on the planet

    1 + '1' = 11 - 1 = 10 every time