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    Channel Klequidi
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    Channel Fissshie

    - Updated YouTube channel after channel move. Thanks if anyone can let me know of anything to improve on. I'll be reuploading videos as I have stuff going on at the meantime, and worth reusing my videos for my new channel over a period of time.
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    The Most Passive Game on Fortnite w/ OozyOzzy

    Video changed - moved over to a new channel hence why I am bumping this up. If anyone can give me any suggestions to improve on my videos such as editing style, thumbnails or anything in general, please let me know.
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    New internet? Btw im kye

    oh look at this guy with his 100mbps speeds huh
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    Black Lightning

    Watched the whole season. I really enjoyed it.
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    Is Fortnite that great?

    I'm confused. I have STW and bought it. Isn't that classed as being released to the public?
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    What are your thoughts on Siege recently?

    I started playing on Rainbow Six Siege during Skull Rain after discovering Rainbow Six Siege from friends who had just started playing on their PS4. So I had some history with the bugs and the decisions the developer studio (Ubisoft) has made for the game, and because I grew up with Tom Clancy...
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    Movies in alphabetical order!

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    Is Fortnite that great?

    In the category that it is in, Battle Royal, I find it a game that anyone can typically play in. PUBG nowadays costs money (like 20 pound if you're from the UK) but is unplayable unless you happen to have 1080. To tell you the truth, I HATE Fortnite. My friends desperately want me to play it but...
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    Introduction Hello! :3

    Bonjour and welcome to the forums, my fellow dude.
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    April Fools Database Corrupted

    are u ok
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    April Fools Database Corrupted

    uh what did you just say I can not understand you Sorry, I have bad ears & I'm deaf.
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    Channel Fissshie I haven't uploaded for quite a while but due to the holidays coming soon (actually, they start right after today) I will be starting my uploads more. Hopefully, you like at least some of my content. I mostly play Siege and am trying to...