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    Introduction hewllo

    Welcome to Gamerscore, Ryan! Contact me if you ever need some art (wink wink)! Also, if you don't have the motivation to run an E-Sports team (maybe I read it wrong, but..) you could always try spicing things up with events.
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    Introduction Hello I guess?

    Welcome to Gamerscore, Careful! I originally read your name as Chearful for some reason, but now that that's been cleared up.. contact me if you ever need art! ;)
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    Random artwork, will update once more made

    I love the second one! I can't imagine what it would be like with smooth lineart! :o
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    Movie Suggestions?

    If you can get it, I'd also definitely recommend Mrs. Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children. It's not as good as the book, but it's still definitely good.
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    Favorite Non-Alcoholic Beverage

    Water. Just plain water. If I want some flavor or fizz, rootbeer; but that's practically a treat because I rarely drink it.
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    Favorite Food

    My favorite food is by far spaghetti.
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    MayoChup Debate! Is it really good?

    I feel like there's definitely more to it than just mayonnaise and ketchup, because those combined would be absolutely disgusting.
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    Does anyone know any good dishes involving pickles?

    Breaded and fried.
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    What Network Gear are you rocking?

    Oof, I just have like.. A router. And then my connection is wireless.
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    Movie Suggestions?

    Movie night is probably one of the most generic things you can do, but you should watch Shrek. 8-)
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    Gay Tony is Back! (GTA: After Hours)

    My friend Riley is a huge GTA weeb. He's gonna flip his shit.